Name: Cover Crop
Type of beer: Ale
Date consumed: 10/27/19
Brewery: North High Brewing
Purchased at: Erik’s Grocery Bag
Alc/vol: 4.5% abv
Color: golden yellow


Wow! End of review… Just kidding. But seriously, I loved this beer, in fact, I’m heading back to Erik’s tomorrow to get some more! The Cover Crop from North High Brewing is a collaboration with the Ohio Farm Bureau, and it’s made with Ohio hops and malt. Cover Crop is a light, crisp easy to drink Golden Ale.

Upon immediately opening it, you’re greeted with pleasant citrus note. The taste is a light, easy drinking beer with a light citrus taste. I’m thoroughly impressed with Cover Crop. Here at 3G6B we pride ourselves as not being beer snobs, we’re simply average guys telling you what we would or wouldn’t drink. Well, I love this beer, and I’d definitely drink it again. It would be a perfect dinner beer, after dinner beer, after working in the yard beer, and even shower beer (yes, I like the finer things in life). In short, I would drink this, and I plan on buying more on my next visit to the beer store. Try it, I pretty much guarantee that you’ll like it too!

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