How it Started!

It was actually pretty simple. HA!

Jamie, Joe and TJ had known each other for a number of years from community ties, personal ties,  professional ties… you get the idea. Friends. But it wasn’t until the three were on the planning committee of the North Canton Craft Beer Festival that they realized they all shared the love of craft beer.

During the planning of the Beer Fest, the three started talking about different ideas as off-shoots of the Beer Fest. But event planning was number one and the most important question was what local brewery were they holding their next meeting at?

The event came and went and was a huge success. Check out the photos! So much so that the next year’s date was booked that very night. May 16, 2020 to be exact. Mark your calendars!

Now that the beer festival was out of the way, they were free (HA! Free… is anyone ever free?) to meet to pursue these off-shoots, which proved to be more difficult than anticipated. Frickin’ life getting in the way of beer and fun! What the hell? But texts began to flow and the craft beer gods finally got things to align for a meeting.

Then this happened after that meeting!

Some things have changed since that inital meeting. There are some things on the back burner but what we’ve decided is to just be three regular guys that love craft beer. We’re not brewers or chemists or rocket scientists. Just three regular, beer loving guys. Our tastes differ a little from each other’s, but that’s what will make this journey fun. We’ll try each others types of beers and give honest, brutally honest opinions. If we like it we’ll tell you. If we hate it, we’ll tell you.

We love to visit different local craft beer breweries too. We’ll tell you what we think about those too.

The three of us work and play hard. We also know how to relax. We respect the hard work that goes into brewing a great craft beer. We’re happy to spread the love as much and as far as we can.