BREWERY: Golden Road Brewing, Los Angeles, CA
PURCHASED AT: The Barrel Room
COLOR: Light Gold



This beer was enjoyed on Covid-19 lockdown day #18.

And the beat goes on. Covid-19 lockdown. Not going to a say that it’s been easy. Not going to say that it’s been hard. It’s been different, that I can definitely say. But before I continue… one more thing I want to add. “Stay the fu*k home! For real!” The more people ignore and go out like nothing has changed… the longer we’ll be in this situation and the more people we’ll lose. [stepping down from soap box].

During this time of lockdown, I’m not going to lie, I’ve enjoyed all the home cooking we’ve been doing. I love to cook. I mean, I love it. LIke many others, we stocked up on food and things for the home bound life to limit our having/needing to go out. You know #sociallyconsious. We’ve not really had any issues with coming up with ideas for dinner, but to mix things up, Christina and I subscribed to Hello Fresh as a way to add more variety and have meals that we would either not have thought of or attempted.

The meals that we’ve picked to try have been really good. LIke really good. We get a delivery, each meal is packaged with all the ingredients carefully measured and separated. On this particular night, I made Black Bean and Poblano Flautas. I’d never made anything like that before. I had made crunch wraps (delicious), but never flautas. They turned out fantastic and tasted just as good. I will be making this again. Now I want to play around with different fillings. If you have any suggestions…. drop ’em in the comments.

Another thing that’s different during these days are my beer choices. I love going to Erik’s Grocery Bag (our craft beer headquarters), looking at the labels and make my choices but again with social distancing in play, I’m staying away. It’s a super small place and would only take 5 or 6 people to make things “too close.” So my beer has been coming from The Barrel Room. It’s a local wine and beer bar that’s been providing delivery and curbside pickups. When we place an order, we tell Keri to pick things that we like. Christina likes wine… I, well you know. Love my beer. She does a great job with her picks though… I’m not complaining one bit.

From my stock pile, I didn’t really know what would work with flautas, so I grabbed the Mango Cart from Golden Road Brewing. I figured it could be horribly bad, incredibly good, or just okay. Well, surprisingly it paired really well.

The beer was tasty for sure. Even though it was called Mango Cart, the Mango taste was not overpowering. It was light and very drinkable. This would be a great warm-weather beer. I gave it the 2.5 rating because although it was good, it’s not my type of beer. I would have it again though and will because there is another in the fridge ;-).

So, my fellow lockdown, craft beer lovers, we need to take this situation we’re in one day at a time. Let’s get excited about what we’re cooking and having for dinner tonight AND the tasty beverage to have with. If you don’t know how to cook, now’s the time to learn. You might just like it and the results you get. We need to stay positive, help those that need help, support our local businesses, practice our social distancing and staying safe. We will get through this. We will. Now… go and plan your dinner! Cheers and enjoy!

NOTE: Unfortunately I discovered when I looked up Golden Road Brewery, I found out it’s no longer a craft brewery… it’s owned by Anheuser-Busch. That bummed me out.

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