TYPE OF BEER: Vanilla Porter
BREWERY: Millersburg Brewing Co., Millersburg, OH
PURCHASED AT: Shy Cellars, Strasburg, OH
ALC/VOL: 6.25%
COLOR: Dark Brown

I actually had this beer on my birthday, well a few days past my birthday but who the hell is counting. Right?

We wanted to have dinner somewhere special for our birthdays as Christina’s is on the 25 and mine the 27. We wanted to go somewhere neither of us had been before. We’ve pretty much beat up the restaurants around us. So we put the feeler out Facebook and got a ton of really great suggestions. So we hit the road and we ended us at a really cool little place in Strasburg called Shy Cellars.

It’s a really cool mother/daughter combo with amazing food and pretty great selection of local beers to go with. We’d heard all kinds of good things about this place before.

Anyway… back to the beer. The Millersburg Brewing Panther Hollow Vanilla Porter did not disappoint. It had great color and taste and wasn’t real heavy. My meal was big enough… didn’t need a big beer on top of that. This would be a beer that you could have multiples of however and not feel overloaded regardless if you had dinner or not.

I’ve had Millersburg beers before, I’ll be sure to try other that they offer.

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