Name: Barktoberfest
Type of beer: German Style Oktoberfest
Date consumed: 11/16/19
Brewery: Thirsty Dog Brewing Company
Purchased at: Erik’s Grocery Bag
Alc/vol: 6% abv
Color: Yellowish Orange


During last Friday’s #inthefridgefriday it was becoming apparent that I needed to review the remaining Oktoberfest beers. I mean it is November, I must be slipping right? I’ve tried a number of Oktoberfest style beers, and Joe, TJ and I did a video review of some, which served as the video that launched our YouTube channel (watch that video here). So I’m glad that this was the choice of viewers for me to do a live video review this past weekend.

Barktoberfest by Thirsty dog, let me tell you what, I really like this beer. In fairness, Thirsty Dog is one of those breweries where you’re hard pressed to find a beer that you don’t like, and for that reason I’m so glad they’re local! I really like this beer. Upon pouring it into the glass I was met with a beautiful golden orange beer with just a little bit of head. The taste is great! One of the benchmarks we talk about in our reviews, or in our Facebook or YouTube videos is drinkability, and could you “drink that all night.” This one falls into that category. The taste is just right in my opinion. You’ll find malty and chocolatey notes for this very smooth, creamy and drinkable beer. I will definitely be picking up a few more of these, and I suggest you do the same!

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