The outdoor patio drinking summer days of 2019 in Northeast Ohio are coming to an end. So when you get the opportunity to squeeze one more in, you go for it. We’d headed off to one of my most favorite breweries, Royals Docks to enjoy some dinner and beer… outside.

It was the perfect night. Looking through the beer selection the Lovibond White Stout caught my attention. A white stout? Just sounds all kinds of weird. But hey, let’s go for it.

It has an awesome golden color with a smooth head that sticks around just long enough. It tasted fantastic too I might add. You could taste coffee, chocolate and vanilla. It was really good. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I said that I had uh… 4. Yup… it was that good. Bravo Royal Docks for creating yet another fantastic beer. I’ll be sure to tell my friends about this one.

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