BREWERY: Royal Docks Brewing, Canton, OH
PURCHASED AT: Royal Docks Brewing
ALC/VOL: 5.6%
COLOR: Bright Yellow

Cream Ale what? The last time I had a cream ale was, well… a long time ago and let’s just say it rhymes with Tennessee. Uh……

Anyway, a night out with friends at the Royal Docks was an opportunity to try another one of their beers. There already so many that I really like.

Looking through my choices, which are many, I landed on the DLR. It wasn’t until I sat back down at the table that I saw it was a cream ale. I laughed to myself and thought “holy shit. I haven’t had a cream ale since I drank Genesee. Shhhhh. Don’t tell anybody.

I got my beer and it looked fantastic. First thing I noticed was the color. Super bright gold. The drops on the glass didn’t hurt anything either. I mean… it was picture perfect.

The first taste is always a little scary… you never know what you’re going to be, but holy cow was this good. THIS was an all night beer! It was light and dare I say creamy. It was a beautiful late summer night and with was a great tasting beer. Perfect match. I love this beer.


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