To say the Royals Docks Brewing Company is one of my favorite places would kind of be an under statement. I can’t remember having gone to another craft brewery first, so Royal Docks may be my first one. I started following them on Facebook when they first started building their facilities. It seemed like it took forever to open… but you’ve heard the saying… “good things come to those that wait”. Uh duh… it’s good alright.

Located in Canton, at least as far as the mailing address goes, Royal Docks is tucked into the corner of a shopping complex in a really great space. Big garage doors that open when the weather is good. A great patio with a fire pit and just an all ’round great atmosphere. So no matter if you’re sitting inside or out, you’re part of what’s going on. By the way, the music playing overhead was really great. (Kudos to the Royal Docks playlist master).

With a full sections of wines, liquors and beers of course, there’s something for everyone. No need to say that the Royal Docks is kid-friendly. It absolutely is.

Can we talk about the menu choices for a minute? Oh man… you’re not leaving hungry. The food is over-the-top great. The Bavarian Pretzel, Loaded Waffle Fries and the Fungi Flatbread are highly recommended. Mmmmm.

John Bikis and his crew do an amazing job. Everyone at the Royal Docks is super friendly and helpful. They know the food, they know the beers.

The Royal Docks is a must visit brewery. If you’re in the area, even if you’re not and you love craft beer and hangin’ out at a great place. Do it. Go to the Royal Docks. Can’t say enough about it. So many of my favorite beers come from Mr. Bikis and the Royal Docks.

Royal Docks Tap Room and Kitchen is located at: 7162 Fulton Dr NW, Canton, OH 44718

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