TYPE OF BEER: Pumpkin Ale
BREWERY: Masthead Brewing Company, Cleveland, OH
PURCHASED AT: Caston & Main Brew Yard
ALC/VOL: 7.3%
COLOR: Amber



Pumpkin craft beers are generally my least favorite but I loved the name of the beer so much, I decided to review it good, bad, or indifferent.

If you haven’t been to Caston and Main Brew Yard in Green, Ohio, make sure you swing by sometime. It was a perfect Thursday night in October to sit out on their patio next to a fire pit and have my first seasonal craft beer of the fall.

As I was taking in the scene,  wouldn’t you know a CAT…yes a CAT walked right by us and it really set the stage for me drinking this beer.

I couldn’t help but get an eerie feeling that I was going to have a stretch of bad luck.  Gulp…actually several gulps later I was still looking at the beer wondering if I liked it. The CAT now at my feet, had me wondering if it was weird that the bar had a house pet. The pumpkin taste was pleasantly lighter than most and it wasn’t overdone with spices. I decided that while I wouldn’t normally pick a pumpkin ale, this one exceeded my expectations and perhaps I gained a furry friend from the ordeal.

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