TYPE OF BEER: Flavored – Fruit
BREWERY: Masthead Brewing Company, Cleveland, OH
PURCHASED AT: Erik’s Grocery Bag
ALC/VOL: 5.8%
COLOR: Pale orange

I picked this beer up at Erik’s a couple of weeks ago and actually forgot about it because there were other beers in front of it in the fridge. When I found it, I decided I would have it that night.

Based on nothing, probably the color of the label more than anything else, I thought this was going to taste like oranges, but when I popped that beer open the smell of apples hit me almost immediately. When I tasted it I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted really nice, dare I say almost like apple juice? It was light and refreshing and went down really easy. If I would’ve had another one, I would’ve had another one for sure.

I would recommend this beer to anyone that like fruity tastes. #seektheseal


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