TYPE OF BEER: White Stout
BREWERY: Left Hand Brewing, Longmont, CO
PURCHASED AT: Eric’s Grocery Bag
ALC/VOL: 8.9%
COLOR: Bronze

I first had this beer at a local restaurant from the tap and I really liked it. It has a great color and nice taste. I didn’t put too much thought into the beer as I was meeting a friend and talking business.

I was glad to find it though at Erik’s Grocery Bag so I bought a couple cans to take home.

They were just as good out of the can as they were on tap. The one thing I did notice though were the hints of coffee and vanilla. It was weird because they hit individually. “Oh, hello coffee… well hello there vanilla, come on in.”

It’s got a pretty high ABV at 8.9% so be careful drinking this beauty. I would absolutely recommend this beer. It’s for sure going on my list to have more of. Great job Left Hand Brewing. I already love your milk stout… just another one to add to the list. TASTY!


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