TYPE OF BEER: Oktoberfest Ale
BREWERY: Lager Heads Brewing, Medina, OH
ALC/VOL: 6.1%
COLOR: Medium Amber

First let me start out by saying I don’t mind the heat… unless it’s super hot whem I’m going to bed. I like the heat because I know in just a very short time, we’ll all be bitchin’ about how cold it is.

But today, October 1, we reached 90+ degrees in Northeast Ohio. That’s hot for this time of year. But… again I’m not complaining because it allows me to sit on the porch, enjoy a beer or two and write this review. No complaints here.

So. Lager Heads Brewing you are 2 for 2!

First it was the Bed Head Red, now it’s the Oktoberfest. This beer when I was pouring it reminded me of Fall and apple cider. The color is amazing. I could not have made a better choice to try on this hot day. Man is it good… or should I say “das ist gut!”

This beer is really refreshing and light both in taste and in color. There’s no after taste either. The head last just long enough to get a good first drink. This is for sure an all night beer. I look forward to a bon-fire over the weekend that we’re going to. I’ll be taking our host a 6 pack of this.

Great job Lager Heads Brewing… I can’t wait to come out to visit your facility and try the Summerfest with Blueberry. I pretty much love all things blueberry.

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