Name: Dark Apparition
Type of beer: Russian Imperial Stout
Date consumed: 9/20/19
Brewery: Jackie O’s
Purchased at: Acme
Alc/vol: 10.5
Color: very dark


The Dark Apparition from Jackie O’s, it’s a great beer! My first foray into beers from Jackie O’s, I have definitely gone back and tried some of their other beers, and even have their Firefly Amber in the fridge for an upcoming taste and review. Upon opening the bottle, you can tell this baby has some kick to it, hence the 10.5% Abv. The taste is great, again you could tell you’re not sipping on low abv beer, but Dark Apparition presents as a smooth rich taste that has hints of chocolate and coffee with some other spices all rolled in. I certainly liked Dark Apparition and am glad that I found Jackie O’s, I can’t wait to try out some of their other beers!

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